Project Description

Inland Valley Drug and Alcohol Services: City of Upland

$6,300,000 tax- exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit bonds and $300,000 IVRS funds for the acquisition of land and building.

Inland Valley Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services (IVRS), a nonprofit public benefit corporation, has been providing low to no-cost substance abuse recovery and counseling services since 1962. IVRS serves approximately 4,000 individuals annually through a range of substance abuse services including detoxification, residential and outpatient treatment, aftercare, education, individual and group counseling, along with primary and secondary prevention services. IVRS is accredited by CARF, the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. Bond proceeds were used to finance the cost of acquiring the existing campus where IVRS currently provides treatment services. The financing has helped IVRS fix its occupancy cost and permitted it to devote greater resources to its many programs. A portion of the campus is currently being leased to Sunset Haven, a nonprofit public benefit corporation, which provides care for the elderly and patients suffering from Alzheimers.