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California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA) Celebrates 10 Years

In 2006, the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) established the California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA) to address gaps in economic development financing.


CALED sponsored the creation of CEDA, a Joint Powers Authority formed by the Cities of Selma, Lancaster, and Eureka to provide alternative financing options to manufacturers, 501(c)(3) non-profits & California communities, with the ultimate mission of supporting economic development.

Some of CEDA’s 10-Year Highlights:

  • $1.9 Billion: Total Amount of bonds/deals authorized (as of February 2017)
  • 186: Number of jurisdictions with CEDA membership (as of March 2017)
  • $98.4 Million: Amount authorized for largest CEDA deal closed–Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in February 2011

For more of CEDA’s accomplishments and highlights from the past 10 years, pull up the complete online report here.